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Good Spanish Wines

Welcome to a great new initiative from Good Spanish Wines!

This is a unique opportunity for you to order and import pallets of wine online.
We invite you to become an Importer with this new mixed pallet concept.

The six selected wineries offer over 30 different wines from which you can order your mixed pallets.
We plan to add more wineries to our portfolio and we are open to your suggestions for any new wineries you would like adding to this new, easy-to-use initiative.

How does this new concept of Mixed Pallets work?
On our website you choose your own selection. You decide the region, grape variety and the wine. Your personal composition is ordered directly through Goodspanishwines is available for you at any time.

Good Spanish Wines

How many bottles can fit on a pallet?
Up to 720 bottles, but it depends on the sizes of the cases. As you select the wines for your pallet our program informs you of the space you have left until your pallet is full: What could be easier?

Why not have a go and try to prepare your own mixed pallet? Please introduce in the Fields Email and Password the word demo and click on the Login button.

Have you found it difficult? No, then we invite you to register. We appreciate your interest. Before you can buy online you need to register by clicking on Sign up or our system . We will send you a mail with the authorisation. Why? So that only professionals, wine shops and wine importers can buy online.

Good Spanish Wines

The cost of a mixed pallet consists of the price of the wines from the wineries and a processing fee of €70 per pallet. If you order a pallet from one winery you have no processing costs. The minimum order is 1 pallet, irrespective of whether it is a choice of wines from one winery or a mixed pallet. You can order as many pallets as you want.

The result is you become an importer; volumes are very manageable; you avoid unnecessary storage costs associated with larger alternative minimum order quantities; intermediaries’ costs are nil.

The delivery of the mixed pallets takes place from our logistics warehouse in La Rioja / San Ignacio, 26 / 26313 Uruñuela (La Rioja), Spain. Within one to two weeks of your order your mixed pallets are ready to be collected.

Of course, you can ask for complete pallets from one winery and in this instance there are no processing costs. Your transport agency can collect the goods directly from that winery.

If you do not have your own transport agency, please check our website to contact one. They will be happy to give you a quotation.

Contact Details

Main Office

C/ Ventanitas esq. Dinamarca

Post Box 1.444

Fax: +34950475012

04638 Mojacar - Almería - Spain


Sales Departament

Deirdre Hahn :: +34609412275



Francisco J. Loustau :: +34607710822

The advantages of the new mixed pallets concept are:

  • Easy and secure online ordering
  • You are importing directly from
  • Direct contact with an impressive range of wineries through us
  • Broad and diversified range of more than 30 different wines
  • You can order your pallets in accordance with the tastes of your customers
  • You save no storage and intermediaries’ costs

For any queries please contact Deirdre Hahn in English by e-mail:, or by calling Skype: d-hahn.

We want to establish a strong relationship with you and we will protect your data: data is for us a matter of trust. We will not divulge your details to any third parties. We abide by the data protection established by the laws of England and Ireland.

Goodspanishwines SL is a Spanish company located in Mojacar/Spain. Trade Register / Cif. B-04593869. Registered in the Trade Register of Almería; Volume 1189 Book 0 Page 66 AL 28947